Maria Dolores Restaurant

Maria Dolores is a restaurant which transmits its love for Mexico, an iconic location wrapped in this country’s culinary art while being embraced by art and pleasure. The evolution of Mexican cuisine can be appreciated in each corner of Maria Dolores, where its techniques and ingredients respect the origin and seasonal availability of each product. Maria Dolores takes its guests on an exquisite journey immersed in traditions strong enough to last in the modern world without losing their essence; it is patient when cooking its broths and reductions.

Ingredients as simple as fruits and vegetables are used in Maria Dolores to provide its dishes and desserts with unbeatable flavors; fish and seafood from Ensenada and Campeche; turkeys and sheep from Queretaro and Coahuila; vegetables from Puebla and Oaxaca; as well as home-grown products from its own vegetable garden.

 Enjoying this rich history, in which Chef Edgar Nuñez offers with each dish a sophisticated experience full of flavors, textures, aromas and identities from every corner of Mexico, is a veritable privilege for guests and their palates.


Edgar Nuñez is a renowned chef who bases his culinary proposals on ingredients that come straight from the earth. From a young age he inherited a particular taste for vegetables from his mother and incorporated it into his creations.

In María Dolores, Celebrity Chef Edgar Nuñez focusing his experience to offer a delicate symphony of flavors with a novel “Seasonal Cuisine” concept in which he explores an infinite number of possibilities. From the moment each ingredient originates in his own gardens or the seas of contemporary Mexico’s different regions, he takes them to his kitchen and transforms them into exquisite signature cuisine.

Chef Edgar Núñez belongs to a generation of authentic culinary artists who have raised the bar in modern gastronomy to a new level of sophistication, showcasing the traditions and roots of Mexico’s rich culture.

Chef Edgar Nuñez is a member of the ACADEMIE CULINAIRE DE FRANCEand the Colectivo Mexicano de Cocina A.C. Also, his restaurants have been ranked among The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants.