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Atelier de Hoteles

We are a Mexican Hotel company based in Cancun created to operate our own 5, 4 and 3 star brands in both beach and city destinations. Bringing innovative concepts that create a better experiences for guests and a larger profitability for our investors.


with us

Our structure is horizontal. This creates an effective decision making with over 100 accumulated years of experience in the market, which in turn, allows us to target key opportunities in the hospitality business.

Our partners in ADH have owned hotels in the past and they’ve proven their successful operational and commercial capacity. We where born next to one of the most relevant wholesalers of the industry and we anchor our comercial success in consolidated strategic alliances.

We know that in order to be successful, our concepts must grow in scale. Hence, Atelier de Hoteles owns the first products of the chain, seeking continuity in our active search for new hotels for a constant and dynamic development.

Advantages for investors

Cost efficiency

You’ll notice considerable savings during the construction and operation of the hotels combo thanks to corporate synergy and scale economies.

Commercial model and experience

Our experience and commercial strategy techniques allows us to complete strategic alliances with main tour operators.

Professional team

We have a professional team specialized in new hotel openings (Over 10,000 rooms) and development of new concepts.

Liquid assets

Mayor share holders with liquid assets to invest in new hotel projects.

Flexible and short contracts

We understand the risks and benefits on both parties, which is why we are open to comments and doubts that may surge during any instance of the project.

Affiliate system

Alliance with one of the main affiliate systems in Mexico.

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