En caso de que se detecte alguna situación contraria a lo anterior actuaremos legalmente y además daremos por terminado de forma inmediata cualquier contrato o relación comercial y/o laboral celebrada con cualquiera de las empresas que conforman el grupo ATELIER de Hoteles

At ATELIER De Hoteles
We Are Part Of THE CODE

At ATELIER de Hoteles we take care of and protect children against any kind of sexual or commercial exploitation, which is why we have adopted “THE CODE” Code of Conduct to fundamentally complement our social responsibility and values; we also disapprove of any activity that affects or hurts the integrity of any person, especially children anywhere in the world.

Policy Against The Exploitation Of Children In Atelier De Hoteles

ATELIER de Hoteles is proud to be a sustainable company and committed to protecting and guaranteeing that children can live and flourish in an environment that respects their rights and where they are treated with dignity, equality, and freedom.

We reject any kind of behavior related to CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) in accordance with national and international laws that safeguard their human rights and criminalize this kind of behavior.

If any kind of situation as mentioned above is detected we will act in accordance with the law and will also immediately terminate any kind of contract or commercial and/or labor relationships with any company within the ATELIER de Hoteles group.