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Painting Smiles Program by ATELIER de Hoteles

Painting Smiles is a program created by ATELIER de Hoteles in collaboration with the Ciudad de la Alegría, City of Joy, Foundation to support “Homes with a Cause” that comprise it, with guests’ support staying in the resorts located in Cancun and Playa Mujeres.

As stated on the Eco-Social Awareness pillar of ATELIER de Hoteles, in collaboration with Ciudad de la Alegría Foundation, we extend guests this opportunity to help to improve the lifestyle of those people, that live in the Ciudad de la Alegría Homes, that are benefited throughout diverse programs and centers of assistance sharing this noble mission to help the local community.

All our resorts support this type of initiative, as part of a new standpoint: “Think globally, act locally” sharing the philosophy of “serve with love those who need it the most”.

Additionally, Arteleros of ATELIER de Hoteles are constantly participating in volunteer programs with the Ciudad de la Alegría Foundation, sharing time and their dedication to the community’s welfare.

Thank you for your donation and for taking action on this noble cause!

About the Ciudad de la Alegría Foundation

“There is a place in Cancun where today, there is hope; where today, there is love”

- Julián Balbuena President of the Ciudad de la Alegría Foundation

The Ciudad de la Alegría Foundation is an innovative project made up of different Homes, Care Centers and Comprehensive Services operated by organizations, religious congregations or institutions that share the same mission and vision:
“Helping those who need it the most providing a new way of living their lives”

Homes and Programs offered by Ciudad de la Alegría Foundation

Home of Shelter and Bread

Reception, storage and supply of donated goods.

Home of the Elder

Lovingly called as “The Home of Grandparents” provides attention and care to elder people.

Don Bosco Education Home

Provides education to children, teens and young adults.

Friendly Hands School

Promotes integral opportunities to people of scares resources.

Home of the Children

Provides maternal and health care, values and psychomotor development to children from 1 to 4 years of age.

Home of Women

Rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate women victims of violence or abandonment.

Hogar Cafarnaúm

Medical services and special care for low-income people in the terminal stage of serious illnesses that require comprehensive care.

Misión Maya

International network of volunteers and missionaries that support and strengthen the task of evangelization and development in the Mayan area.

Home of Human Development

Available venue for any group or organization that wishes to hold a meeting in a comfortable space that adapts to their needs.

John Paul II Integral Center

Space for holding events for groups that work on individual and family strengthening through moral and philanthropic values.

Community Medical Service

Offers direct care to the needy population through medical services.

Legal Service

Guides and strengthens legal procedures to protect the integrity of the organization and beneficiar.

The Ciudad de la Alegría Foundation was created to respond to the needs of the community, through concrete and coordinated activities, to fully respond to the social problem that seeks to serve the most vulnerable and needy people within the state of Quintana Roo.

Learn more about the Ciudad de la Alegría Foundation: www.ciudadalegria.org.mx

“Money cannot satisfy the heart of man, but the good use that is made of it, it is this that produces true satisfaction.”

- San Juan Bosco
Fundador de la Congregación de San Francisco de Sales
(Orden Salesiana)

In order to actively contribute to this important and noble cause, ATELIER de Hoteles will add a minimum charge upon check-out of 1 USD per night for guests of ATELIER Playa Mujeres and .50 USD for ÓLEO Cancun Playa guests. All the contributions collected are delivered annually in the month of November with an important diffusion in the media, social networks and official sites of ATELIER de Hoteles.

Thank you for taking part of this noble cause with little contribution!

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