Special Handmade weddings in ÓLEO Cancún Playa will leave guests breathless, making the event a memory immersed in the luxury, beauty and sophistication of its modern facilities, with the minimalist touch that characterizes this boutique resort in Cancún.

Just Us Package

From $600 USD

2 Persons

Stories full of romance begin in ÓLEO Cancún Playa. This package offers an elegant and unique ceremony in Cancun.

Sweet Little Story Package

From $900 USD

10 persons1

This ceremony celebrates love with family and friends, joined together to witness the start of a new life.

Lure Package

From $3,800 USD

20 persons1

An experience to be shared with the loved ones, surrounded by the charming of Cancun’s natural landscapes to seal up the commitment of love.

Handmade Package

From $8,990 USD

50 persons1

Especially designed by our professional wedding planners, this package features a sophisticated experience, where love takes over the place.

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