Atelier de Hoteles



A morning walk accompanied by the serenity of the sea and the sand’s soft touching. Guests can enjoy a beautiful landscape in an active and healthy way.


A set of soft exercises suitable for all guests, whichever conditions and ages.
The goal is to stretch all muscles in a slow and precise way, in order to reach relaxation and strength through active moments and proper breathing.


ATELIER Playa Mujeres’ guests can start their day with a habit that brings tranquility and relaxation trough inner introspection.

Guests will be guided, one by one, by experts in the art of meditation, making sure of awakening senses and physical and mental tranquility, comfort, and placidness.


The perfect physical and mental discipline to awake a morning sense of wellness and serenity.
A stretching routine will help ATELIER Playa Mujeres guests to start their day in a relaxing way and fully enjoying their vacations in the Mexican Caribbean.


Guests can continue their healthy habits even on their vacation. Guided spinning classes are a feature in ATELIER Playa Mujeres.