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ATELIER de Hoteles' Pet-it® Program Policies

ATELIER Playa Mujeres is happy to welcome guests who travel with their canine pals*. Together they can enjoy a relaxing holiday in a luxury atmosphere framed by the charming Mexican Caribbean landscape.

The Pet-it® Program has been especially created to offer a sophisticated service, with exclusive amenities and suitable facilities for dogs that accompany our guests during their stay at any of the all-inclusive resorts of ATELIER de Hoteles.

The Pet-it® Pet Policy of ATELIER Playa Mujeres is governed by the Mexican law under a "Dog Friendly" concept, therefore access to other species is not allowed.

For legal purposes, "service dogs" are those well-trained to guide people with visual or hearing imparities, according to the current “General Law for the Impaired People Inclusion” in México, articles 16 and 17.

ATELIER Playa Mujeres provides the next guidelines in order to promote security, order and civil liability:

1. Guests must advise the resort with prior notice they’re willing to stay with their dog. All dogs' stays are subject to availability and hotel confirmation is required prior guest's arrival.

2. Only small size dogs up to 10 kgs (20 lbs) are allowed.

3. All pets’ stay has an additional cost, not applicable for guests traveling with guide dogs, according to the iniciativa de Ley para el Uso de Perros Guía y Animales de Servicio. Guests traveling with their dogs to ATELIER Playa Mujeres are subject to an additional charge of $220 USD for up to 5-day stays and $50 USD per additional day.

4. Guests traveling with "emotional support dogs" are subject to current fees applicable at the resort.

5. Pets will be accepted with prior notice and resort confirmation: only one dog is allowed stay.

6. Dogs must be perfectly clean, healthy and protected to avoid any damage, bother or illness. Dog’s health must be accredited with veterinary certification and a vaccination card. To avoid any damage, disturbance or illness, the dog must be presented clean and healthy. Dog’s health must be proved by presenting a veterinary certificate and the vaccination card.

7. The dog owner must register the pet through the Pet-it® registration card, providing its name and by signing the agreement of the terms and conditions, as well as taking full responsibility for their dog.

8. Starting from the moment the guest enters the resort, the dogs must be transported within their travel bag, under no circumstances the dog is allowed to walk through areas that aren't designated for their recreation.

9. In the resort’s premises exists especially designated areas for dog's leisure. The owner must carry sanitary bags to pick up the dog’s feces, as well as bottled water to stay hydrated.

10. The owner must commit to do not disturb other guests’ tranquility..

11. The dog’s owner is the only responsible for cleaning up the dog’s feces, as well as respect all spaces designated for this purpose.

12. In case of disturbing other guests at the resort or breaching any of the regulation rules, the resort's management will inform on time the dog’s owner.

13. Restricted areas inside the resort:

  • For safety reasons, dogs are not allowed in Junior Suite Swim Out categories at ATELIER Playa Mujeres.
  • Restaurants (except El Suspiro’s restaurant terrace and designated area at Limón y Sal restaurant)
  • Bars
  • Pool and surrounding areas
  • NUUP Spa and Gym
  • Green areas or those not designated by the resort.

14. In-suite stay:

  • The dog can stay by itself in the suite for a maximum time of two hours and must be guarded in its carrier.
  • Whenever a dog needs to stay more time without supervision, the owner must notify the Concierge. In this case, the Doggysitter service will be required ($).
  • Dogs can not stay on the suite terrace for safety and security reasons.

15. Resort linens:

  • Using common towels for drying or cleaning dogs is prohibited.
  • The Doggy Concierge will offer special towels intended for the use of dogs.
  • Dogs are not allowed to get on beds, sofas nor any furniture in the resort. The owner will be responsible for paying for any damage to furniture, bed linens, etc., any cleaning issue beyond the regular suite’s housekeeping, as well as an excessive mess or aggressions against other guests.

16. The pet’s owner is fully responsible for feeding and diet, in case of requesting any dishes available on the Pet-it®menu.

17. ATELIER Playa Mujeres, as well as the staff, is not liable for any involvement caused in the Resort’s premises, including allergies or food poisoning. The dog’s owner acknowledges that they are staying with their pet assuming full responsibility on matters of health, safety, sanitation, and any damages caused to the resort or third parties.

18. The Dog Inside the Suite Notice must be used for staff acknowledgment before entering the suite.

Learn more about the benefits, services and amenities of the Pet-It® Program.

* At En ATELIER Playa Mujeres, guests and their companion dogs are always welcome. However, our priority is to guarantee a space of well-being and rest for all. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that in case of non-compliance with any of the points mentioned before, the guest will be asked to leave the facilities without reimbursement for the payment of the room or the stay of the pet.